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Phylon outsole

The trendy outsole model is suitable for all types of shoes and slippers for indoor and outdoor activities. We've created an footwear that's incredibly comfortable and lightweight to wear all day. With more than 7 years of experience in manufacturing footwear and having more than 200 workers, we are confident that we can provide the best for your favorite footwear.

Phylon Outsole Characteristics


Made from lightweight EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) material

Trendy Models

Adapted to the latest shoe models

Relatively Affordable Prices

In accordance with the comfort obtained

High Flexibility

Thickness and flexibility can be adjusted as needed

Extreme Weather Resistant

Weather-resistant outsole material

What Are The Advantages?

Our footwear has affordable prices and high quality

Phylon has elastic and flexible properties. This allows shoes with Phylon materials to adapt to the movement of the user’s foot properly. This flexibility is important in maintaining stability and comfort during activities

One of Phylon’s main advantages is its lightness. Footwear made of Phylon will provide a comfortable and easy feeling to use in various activities, especially sports.

Phylon has good resistance to deformation or deformation. Footwear with Phylon material will maintain its original shape for a long time

When choosing footwear, it is important to consider needs and comfort. For your footwear, HIMALAYA JAYA PERKASA is ready to bring perfection to your steps.
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Making Process

An outsole is bottom part of the shoe.
Our outsoles use the best materials of EVA RUBBER / EVA PHYLON. It is processed with the latest technology machines so it have higher quality of products also have consistent dimensional both accuracy and thickness.

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Sunrubber Outsole Products

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Sandals Rubber For Adults

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