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We are a manufacturer of shoe outsole made from phylon or Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA)

Himalaya Jaya Perkasa is a leading manufacturer of phylon-based (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) sandals and shoes outsole specializing in the production of good quality for men, women and children. With a commitment to comfort, durability and style. Our company aims to provide customers with the best selection of footwear for both casual and indoor use.

Himalaya Jaya Perkasa is located in Tangerang. We have 7 years of experience in supplying well-known brand shoes outsole in the footwear industry. Our factory is capable of producing 7.000.000 pairs per year or around 20.000 pairs per day.

Our mission is to design, manufacture, and distribute footware that combine comfort, style, and affordability. We strive to exceed customer expectations by consistently delivering superior products that enhance the daily lives of individuals and families.
At Himalaya Jaya Perkasa, we employ a streamlined manufacturing process that ensures efficiency and quality at every stage. Our process includes the following key steps:
1. Design: Our experienced design team creates innovative and appealing footware designs, considering the latest fashion trends and customer preferences.
2. Material Sourcing: We carefully select high-quality materials from trusted suppliers. We prioritize comfort, durability, and sustainability in our material choices.
3. Production: Our skilled craftsmen utilize advanced machinery and techniques to manufacture slippers with precision and consistency. We maintain strict quality control standards throughout the production process to ensure that every pair meets our good quality standards.
4. Quality Assurance: Before packaging and shipping, each sandals undergoes rigorous quality checks to verify comfort, durability, and adherence to design specifications.

Himalaya Jaya Perkasa distributes its footware through various channels, including wholesale partnerships, retail outlets and e-commerce platforms. We strive to build strong relationships with our partners to ensure the wide availability of our products in both domestic and international markets.

Corporate social responsibility:
As a socially responsible company, Himalaya Jaya Perkasa is committed to ethical business practices. We prioritize sustainability and green initiatives throughout our operations, minimizing waste and promoting safe working conditions for our employees.

With a focus on comfort, style, and quality, Himalaya Jaya perkasa stands as a trusted sandals and shoes outsole factory in the industry. By combining innovative designs with excellent craftsmanship, we continue to provide customers with footware that offer the perfect balance of functionality and fashion-forward appeal.

We are constantly developing new products to ensure we can meet most of your needs with a wide range of products. We are a supplier of various types of sandals and shoes outsole and we are open to produce footwear that designed by the customer’s own model.
We give you affordable price, and we sell our product in factory price.


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